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The UNFRAMED Urban Art Expo + Jam is an initiative of Getting Up Street Art Foundation and 6 Line Yard to pay a tribute to the true pioneers of street art & graffiti and to create a sustainable and approachable platform to showcase urban art work, its origins, and of course, its future.

UNFRAMED also gives the artists, art dealers, sponsors and other affiliates a great networking opportunity for like-minded people.


Read more about the initiators below:

6 Line Yard Graffiti Art

6 Line Yard is the place to be for graffiti artists and graffiti connaisseurs to get taken back to the golden days of this subculture. 6 Line Yard offers artists bombing sessions and other collaboration or project planning options. Additionally, 6 Line Yard builds real life size 70's & 80's style subway car models for painting projects. One of these models will be presented for painting at the UNFRAMED Urban Art Expo & Jam.

Getting Up Street Art Foundation

Getting Up is a partnership established in 2016 with several experienced partners from the arts, cultural and design sectors, who have worked together successfully for many years on all kinds of projects. A real team of entrepreneurs, artists and professionals with an extensive international creative network.