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Welcome to the UNFRAMED Urban Art Expo + Jam.

UNFRAMED Urban Art Expo + Jam is a one of a kind event that brings together street artists, art vendors and urban art lovers of all ages to honor the impressive legacy of the pioneers of street art & graffiti. The artist line up consists of pioneers of the culture, as well as contemporary urban artists, international and local.
UNFRAMED Urban Art Expo + Jam presents a unique collection of urban art in all its forms. Explore the exposition inside, or sit back and enjoy the live jam outside!
UNFRAMED Urban Art Expo + Jam also offers several different educational programs and workshops to inform groups and classes about the history and backgrounds of urban culture and of course, about the featured artists and their work.
While we are working hard on the 2020 Edition, check out the video below for some impressions of UNFRAMED 2019!

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